Glenn Beck Promises That “Historians Will Build Statues Of My Radio Listeners Some Day”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Glenn Beck has been praising his audience for years, claiming that they will go down in history as the ones who rescued the United States when everything collapsed. Last night on his radio show, he insists that that time has come and they had better be ready.

Beck says that no matter who wins the election in November, whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, America is destined for chaos and destruction, and it will be his audience members who will come up as leaders of the new generation. There will be statues built in their honor and they will be credited for saving this nation. Most important of all, God will reward them richly when they arrive in heaven.

“You’re going to have to be leader,” Beck told them. “It’s a huge responsibility but it’s good” because, if they believe in eternal life, they now “have the big opportunity to step up and really be a person that returns home with honor.”

“They will build statues of people from these days someday,” Beck said. “Historians will read about us. Not everybody has that opportunity. That’s a glorious opportunity given to us.”