Glenn Beck Prefers Obama To Trump Because “He Will Put In Jail People Who Question His Authority”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

In today’s radio show, Glenn Beck took some time to lash back at the criticism of the anti – LGBT laws that were put in place in parts of the United States such as North Carolina and Mississippi. He made his distaste known to his audience regarding the whole topic, which he referred to as a ‘’circus’’ that is aimed at take away people’s focus from the fact that the ‘’world is on fire.’’

“This is just the new circus and cakes,” Beck fumbled, meaning “bread and circuses”. “This is just the new Colosseum. Get them to talk about the bathrooms so they’re not talking about Syria, so they’re not talking about the debt, so they’re not talking about corruption, so they’re not talking about Hillary’s server. Get them to talk about the bathrooms. This is the new cakes and circuses and it’s brilliant because it works.”

He notwithstanding must have perceived the irony behind grumbling about those who have been discussing the issue at hand, having himself spent some time talking about it. In a bid to dig himself out of the hypocritical hole he had dug for himself, Beck decided to turn to another area of interest, Donald Trump and President Obama.

“If Donald Trump goes in, he will put us out of business that fast,” Beck said, snapping his fingers. “He is not going to put up with people who question his authority. Barack Obama didn’t; he put people in jail. Listen to me again: he put people in jail, Barack Obama did, who are in our business for coming out and saying this is what the government’s doing. Whistleblowers. More whistleblowers were put in jail than any time since Woodrow Wilson. You don’t think this guy’s going to do it?”