Fox News Blames Romney For  Creating  Trump

Photo Credit: YouTubePhoto Credit: YouTube

His ‘’legitimizing’’ of Donald Trump as a viable political personality back in 2012, landed Mitt Romney on the hot seat recently. Romney was speaking to Fox News host, Chris Wallace on whether his recognition of Trump in the political arena, some years back, had resulted in him becoming the force to reckon with that he is now.

The fact that Romney criticized Trump for being a ‘’fraud’’ last week was of no consequence as Wallace put it to him that he ‘’had a very different view of him four years ago when he endorsed you.’’ Romney was quick to respond, ‘’ Sixty-one million people voted for me,’’ as he added, ‘’ I don’t think all 61 million ought to be president of the United States.’’

Wallace, however, did not relent, as he queried, “But you were talking at the time about his extraordinary ability to create jobs, his understanding of the economy. It’s not like — Donald Trump — everything you believe he did wrong has happened in the last four years.”

The Fox News host, hammered the last nail in the coffin, by commenting, “A lot of those business failures you talk about happened before 2012.” He related Trump’s current desirable position to Romney’s endorsement of him, stating, “Before 2012, he was making the birther argument that President Obama needed to show his birth certificate because he wasn’t born in the United States. I guess part of the question is, by legitimizing him back then, were you part of the reason he is where he is now?”