GOP Mayor: “Blacks Are incapable Of Caring For Themselves Without Socialism So They Call Hard-Working Whites ‘Racists’”


Pennsylvania mayor, Charles Wasko, has created a firestorm with his numerous racist posts on Facebook, and has been asked to resign.

The York Dispatch reported that the mayor of West York referred to President Barack Obama and his wife as monkeys in several posts and even joked about lynching America’s first black president in a different social media post.

In one post, Wasko claims that African-Americans were not capable of caring for themselves without the help of “socialism,” which he defined as “government entitlement stuff,” and they accuse hard-working whites of being racist if they complained about the situation.

Another post shows a younger version of Clint Eastwood holding a noose, captioned: “Barry, this rope is for you. You wanna bring that empty chair over here?”

Most of the mayor’s Facebook friends showed approval for the posts, including Phillip Heid, who wrote, “Throw some more up, for killary hanoi john. nancy, harry and the list goes on.”

Some elected officials in West York, including City Council president Shawn Mauk, have called on Wasko to resign from his post.

“I almost don’t know what to say,” Mauck said. “I almost want to throw up.”

Although the mayor refused to respond to numerous requests for a comment, he did add two new posts on his Facebook page, one insulting liberals and the other supporting Donald Trump.

City official were worried about Wasko’s involvement with the West York Police Department, considering about one quarter of the city’s residents are minorities.

“With those types of thoughts in your mind, how can you oversee the police department?” said City Councilman Brian Wilson. “We can’t have anybody being racist or bigoted — especially an elected official.”