Ex-NSA Analyst Attacks Trump’s “Terrible Abuse Of Grieving Widow. She Didn’t Want To Stand Up And We Know Why”

Columnist John Schindler, who was also a former NSA analyst, was shocked as he watched President Donald Trump “exploit” Carryn Owens, the widow of dead Chief Petty Officer William Owens.

Schindler claims that Trump went overboard when he used Carryn Owens as a political prop during his address to a joint session of Congress.

Schindler voiced his disgust on Twitter:

Snr Chief Owens’ widow…for God’s sake leave this poor woman alone.

Trump gloating, of course…talking the Bible.

Anybody who saw the faces of the Joint Chiefs tonight when the cam hit them knows exactly what the US military thinks of Trump

We’re here to defend our hard-earned freedoms. No whining. We don’t play nice, we don’t care, and we don’t take prisoners.

Bad decisions happen. War is war. Right until POTUS publicly exploits a widow whose husband’s body is still warm. Fuck that. Fuck all that.

She was trapped. Literally. Terrible abuse of a grieving widow. She didn’t want to stand up. We know why.

If watching POTUS publicly exploit S/Chief Owens’ grieving widow didn’t make your skin crawl, I worry about you — as an American & a human.

So “the generals” got S/Chief Owens killed, but let’s spotlight his widow on live TV.

Has Stockholm Syndrome overtaken the whole country?