Ex-Campaign Staffer: “Trump Is Too Dumb To Know Collusion With Russia Was Illegal”

Photo Credit: Flickr


As the investigation continues, President Donald Trump has been showing signs of concerns over what might be discovered as keep probing into his ties with Russia.

According to The Atlantic, Trump’s infamous management style of hiring a team of “mini-Trumps,” pit them against each other, then watch as they vicously compete for his approval is fertile ground for “rogue operators” who may engage in unorthodox behavior.

“He likes to pit advisers against each other,” one former campaign said. “He likes the infighting … It’s definitely an environment where you might feel pressured to go the free-range-kid model and say, ‘Hey, let’s see what I can drum up to impress him with.’”

“Someone could easily take it a step too far trying to gain something that no one else could gain,” the former aide said.

“My fear is that a bunch of people were freelancing — doing things not thinking about the repercussions, but thinking Trump would be so impressed by it,” a different source said.

Trump associates described the campaign as a bunch of independent operators, many who didn’t know what they were doing, and a hands-off boss who encourages determination.

“If they’re stupid enough to be doing stuff like that, they’re also probably too stupid to realize that there are various [foreign] intelligence agencies … that have the goods on them,” said one GOP operative. “They’re probably sitting on tapes — what if they get motive to release them?”

“Is it possible that he was surrounded with people who didn’t even realize what they were doing was inappropriate?” a former staffer said. “You’d have to be pretty stupid — but there are some pretty stupid people in the Trump camp.”