Despite The “Deal” With Trump, ‘Carrier’ Firing Hundred Of Workers

President Donald Trump last year struck a deal with the Carrier Corporation last year that was supposed to save American manufacturing jobs at the company and prevent it from moving them overseas.

Since then, however, Carrier has laid off hundreds of employees — and Fox News reports that the company is planning to lay off hundreds more workers early next year.

Specifically, Carrier says it plans to lay off 215 more workers this coming January, just months after it laid off more than 300 employees earlier this year. The deal that the company struck with Trump gave it $7 million to keep some jobs in the United States, although it still is moving many of the jobs at its Indiana plant down to Mexico anyway.

Although Carrier workers were initially jubilant about the deal to save their jobs, many have grown disillusioned as they’ve seen their colleagues laid off regardless of the incentives the company had to keep its production in the United States.

Brenda Darlene Battle, a 55-year-old former Carrier worker who accepted a buy-out agreement earlier this year, told the New Yorker that the general feeling among employees is that Trump “blew smoke up our asses.”