David Horowitz: “Trump Promises To Jail Soros For Killing Cops”

Photo Credit: Flicker

David Horowitz joined former GOP congressman, J.D. Hayworth, on is Newsmax show yesterday to talk about the controversial report that a foundation supported by George Soros tried to sway the Supreme Court’s recent immigration ruling through underhanded means of “a sophisticated amicus brief and media strategy.”

Horowitz says that, although his actions were “horrible enough,” Soros should be in jail because he is “a Jew-hater, an Israel-hater and an America-hater.” He claims that the only hope for this is if Donald Trump wins the presidency.

“Soros should be in jail,” he declared. “Somebody’s got to be suing him—you know, of course you can’t put him in jail—he should be in jail for fomenting civil unrest, getting those policemen killed, tearing up cities. Surely there can be a civil suit. You can’t expect a Justice Department that’s headed by a criminal or an FBI that’s in bed with them to do something about this. But hopefully Trump will win the election and when the Republicans come in, I hope they go after Soros and shut him down.”

“The Achilles heel of western civilization,” he continued in the interview, “is its tolerance for people that hate it. This man is an enemy of western civilization and of America in particular and he’s treated like he’s just a normal actor. He needs to be in jail. He needs to be charged with the crimes of destroying Ferguson, Missouri, destroying Baltimore.”