David Duke Likes Trump Because “He Speaks Like A Neo-Nazi Leader”

Yesterday, U.S. Senate candidate and former Klu Klux Klan leader, David Duke responded to the announcement that Hillary Clinton’s next speech will be about Donald Trump’s relationship with the alt-right by calling her “really scared.” David Duke is a long time defender and activist for the racist movement and praises the Republican presidential nominee for acting and speaking like an alt-right leader.

Clinton “is really concerned and really scared because she realizes that there’s a sleeping tiger in this country, European-Americans, that are waking up to the realization that every right they have—the real racism in America is against white people,” said Duke.

He expressed his approval and excitement that white nationalist finally have a candidate that is working to increase the GOP’s portion of the white vote.

“No candidate in this country would dare even stand up and say, ‘Yes, I definitely am going to defend the rights and the heritage of European-Americans,’” he continued. “One can go on to say, ‘Yes I want to respect the rights of all but I believe our people have rights too and the ethnic cleansing of America has got to stop.’ I believe this is a sleeping tiger that is easily awakened.”

Duke praised Trump for his efforts and said he “has energized European-Americans in sort of the implicit statements he makes, such as ‘take America back,’ and we’re going to take America back.”