Chris Christie: “Trump’s Flip Flopping Proves He Is Presidential Material”

Photo Credit: Luigi Novi \ Wikimedia CommonsPhoto Credit: Luigi Novi \ Wikimedia Commons

Up until recently, Trump has built his campaign on his hardline approach to illegal immigration, promising to build a wall along the Mexican and U.S. border and put together a “deportation force” that will immediately send back all 11 million illegal immigrants back to Mexico. However, this past week, he has made some vague suggestions that he might be softening his stance on immigration and then gave no other details, leaving his supporters to try to explain what he his new policies might be.

New Jersey Governor and Trump advisor, Chris Christie went on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday and was asked by co-host Martha Raddatz if the Republican presidential nominee still planned on deporting everyone. Christie said Trump planned on deporting all the criminals first, then “deal with people in a humane way.”

Raddatz then asked if that meant he was not going to deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants out of America.

The New Jersey Gov. said that there will be “some decisions Trump’s going to have to make as president regarding those folks.” Christie didn’t outright say that Trump is flip flopping on one of his core policy positions, but if he did, it is because that would be the presidential thing to do.

“Quite frankly, you know, I think this is the kind of thing people expect from the president of the United States,” Christie said. “That they all approach these things thoughtfully and smartly and I’m confident that that’s exactly what a President Trump would do.”

“Would you acknowledge then that does sound like a softening from his original statements about getting everyone, 11 million undocumented workers, out of the country with a deportation force?” Raddatz asked

Christie claims that Trump has been “been completely consistent” on his policies of building a wall and not offering amnesty. However, Christie continued, “I think what you expect of every candidate and ultimately of a president is to listen to the facts and to deal with things in a way that’s smart and direct. I’m confident that’s exactly what President Trump will do.”