Chris Christie: “If No Colorful Person Yelling At Me On New Jersey’s Boardwalk, I’d Feel Bad.”

Photo Credit: Luigi Novi \ Wikimedia CommonsPhoto Credit: Luigi Novi \ Wikimedia Commons

As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made his annual trip down Asbury Park boardwalk to kick off the summer tourism season, he was meet by jeers from some unhappy New Jerseyans.

Although it’s common for critics to speak their mind during his boardwalk tours, this year they seemed more adamant, even hurling insulting obscenities at the governor.

On women called Christie a “(expletive) disgrace” for supporting an “(expletive) racist.”

“I hear you, honey. Everybody’s got an opinion,” Christie responded.

“It’s the boardwalk in New Jersey, so if I don’t get at least one colorful person yelling at me then I’d feel like they must all be tourists here,” Christie told a reporter at the end of the boardwalk event.

The governor ignored the hecklers for the most part and stopped for selfies and friendly conversations with most of the people he ran into on the boardwalk.

“I don’t worry about that stuff and for the most part, except for those two people, I think, everybody else was really positive and support,” he said. “Let’s not let the squeaky wheels get all the all.”