Carson Suggests Muslims Be Allowed To Immigrate To America Only If They Are Schizophrenics

Photo Credit: Wikimedia CommonsPhoto Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A state of being ‘’schizophrenic’’ is the only way the Muslim population can be expected to observe their religious doctrine while simultaneously assimilating into American culture and adopting the principles that characterize the free world’s way of life . This was the sentiment put forth by Ben Carson, the Republican Party candidate, during a Monday interview given by Stephen K. Bannon of Breitbart News.

This remark came after the GOP candidate had been asked his opinion on the likelihood of ‘’Sharia adherent’’ Muslims being involved in the democratic process while observing the authority of the state. Carson responded, ‘’Only if they’re schizophrenic,’’ adding, “I don’t see how they can do it otherwise, because they have two different philosophies boring at you [that contradict each other]. That would be very difficult.” He condensed this opinion by pointing out that the pursuit of political appropriateness would result in Americans being rendered susceptible to terrorist groups such as ISIS.

In defending himself, Carson mentioned, “We would be so busy trying to protect their rights that we wouldn’t be watching our own,” he said. “When I say things like that, people say ‘Oh you’re Islamophobic.’ No, it’s not Islamophobic at all… There’s a difference between Muslims who accept America and accept our Constitution and accept our ways and those who want to continue a different method of living. And if we’re not sophisticated enough to understand that we will lose that war.”

Carson made it clear that there is no middle ground between observing the requirements and lifestyle that is characteristic of Americans, while still observing traditional, fundamentalist Muslim practices.