Busted:”Non-Racist’ OK Cup Threat To” B*tch Slap The Jerry Juice Outta Everyone Of Them’s Hair”

Low maintenance cop in Oklahoma will saved discipline and rather get “web-based social networking guiding” in the wake of undermining dissenting NFL players on Facebook.

As per News on 6, Verdigris cop Brandon Jarvis propelled a supremacist assault on proficient football players who have dissented hostile to dark police mercilessness by bowing amid the national song of praise.

Composing on Facebook, Jarvis undermined, “Decisively why I don’t watch NFL cluster of f*ckin overpaid oily headed moon crickets expecting everything to no end!! It would fill my heart with joy to b*tch slap the Jerry juice outta everybody of them’s hair!! F*ck em!! #sorrynotf*ckinsorry”

Cautioned to the post, which Jarvis composed while remarking on hockey players remaining for the song of praise, Police Chief Jack Shackleford said that the officer would not be suspended.

As per Shackleford, Jarvis will rather get “some individual directing by me in the utilization of online networking.”

“On the off chance that he is stating that his record was hacked, I don’t have any proof to substantiate either guarantee,” Shackelford said in an announcement