Busted: Kellyanne Conway Illegally Using Private Email Server

Photo Credit: Flicker

Over the 2016 campaign season, Republicans all over the country chanted “Lock her up” whenever the name Hillary Clinton came up. This was because during her term as Secretary of State, she put national security in danger by using a home-brew email server.

According to Newsweek, there will also be many members from Trump’s administration that will be using private Republican National Committee email account while working in the White House.

This is important because U.S. intelligence officials say that “the RNC email system… was hacked during the 2016 race.”

Among key members of the administration who work with RNC email accounts include Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, and Sean Spicer.

“They better be careful after making such a huge ruckus over the private email over at the State Department,” former Bush administration ethics attorney Richard Painter said.

Although it may not be illegal for them to use the RNC’s private email, they are, however, forbidden from using the accounts for government-related business without proper procedure.

“If White House staffers have already used the RNC emails system for White House work, they must copy or forward those communications into the government system within 20 days,” according to the disclosure requirements that began in 2014. “The Disclosure Requirement was passed to prevent presidents from shielding communications that fall under the Presidential Records Act of 1978.”

The New York Times reports that President Trump is also using an unsecured Android phone th Tweet from the White House, another potential security problem.