Boehner: “Why Sign An Agreement With People Who Don’t Intend To Keep Their Word?”

Photo Credit: Flicker

Washington, D.C. – House Speaker John Boehner spoke to CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” Sunday and said that, if President Barack Obama isn’t able to strike a deal to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Congress will move “very” quickly to impose new sanctions against the Middle Eastern country.

The Ohio Republican also said that even if Obama and several other leading countries reach a deal with Iran, he’s not optimistic that Iran will keep its word. Boehner stated: “In my opinion, if you have a group of people who you’re pretty sure won’t keep their word, why would you even consider signing an agreement with them?”

He also added that, if a deal isn’t reached, the House would move “very” quickly to further sanctions against Iran. “Let me tell you something – the sanctions were working,” he stated. “Frankly, we should have kept the sanctions in place and they would have never come to the table. That way, we could have maybe gotten to a real agreement.”

He concluded by saying: “And not only will the sanctions come, they’ll come real quick.” This week, Boehner will travel to Israel, where the new-old Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet him. Netanyahu, who just won re-election, has been skeptical of the Iran nuclear negotiations.

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