Bill Maher: “We’re Fuc*ed Republicans Are Fixing And Rigging The Game So That Democrats Can’t Vote”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Only a few days into President Donald Trump’s administration and the guest on HBO’s Real Time are already planning for the worse as they look toward the 2018 mid-term election.

During the segment titled “Overtime,” the paneled wondered if the excitement and interest from the large Women’s March that went on last weekend will continue over to the next election.

Council on Foreign Relations Richard Hass asked how many protesters were at the march, Bill Maher said, “We don’t know.”

“But what we do know is that there is an election coming up November 2018,” Maher continued. “If the message in that 2018 election is Republicans win, we’re f*cked.”

After pointing out that several previous Democratic strongholds were won by Trump and are now controlled by Republican governors and lawmakers, host Maher wondered if new voter ID laws would be implemented to stop certain people from voting.

“It’s not so much Republican roots [in the state],” Maher explained. “So much as fixing and rigging the game so that Democrats can’t vote, that’s what they do.”

“It’s not that people want to be more Republican,” Maher continued. “Donald Trump proved that people don’t even like Republicans, because he’s not a Republican.”

Norquist insisted, “If you explain away why you’re losing elections, you’re never going to win elections.”