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(VIDEO) Gop Lawmaker Glenn Grothman Claims Trump’s “Sh*thole” Remarks Are Okay Because “Obama Invited Civil Rights Activists To White House”

A Wisconsin Republican compared President Donald Trump’s “sh*thole” slur against African immigrants to former President Barack Obama inviting civil rights activists to the White House.. Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) spoke Monday at an event at Ripon College commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and he was asked to comment on the president’s profane remarks during […]

Watch History Professor: “Muller Will Reveal Trump Crimes That Will Shock The Nation And Force GOP To Impeach”

Historian Allan Lichtman is known for making accurate predictions — and he’s more certain than ever that President Donald Trump will be impeached this spring. The American University history professor has correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1984, including Trump, and he has recently updated his book, The Case for Impeachment, that was […]

Reports: Trump Said In Private Conversations That He Hopes For Terror Attack To Save Him From 2018 Election Bloodbath

Faced with the likelihood of a “blue tsunami” in the 2018 midterm elections, President Donald Trump is holding out hope that terrorists will attack the country, reported the Washington Post on Wednesday. “In private conversations,” said the Post, “Trump has told advisers that he doesn’t think the 2018 election has to be as bad as others are predicting. He […]

‘Prophet’ Mark Taylor Promise: Obama Will Be Imprisoned For Treason And Three Supreme Court Justices Will Be Indicted

Self-proclaimed “firefighter prophet” and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor was recently interviewed by Steve Strang for his Charisma magazine podcast, where he predicted that Barack Obama will soon be imprisoned for treason and that three members of the Supreme Court will be indicted and removed from office. Taylor claims that he wrote a prophetic word in 2015 that “God […]

Liz Crokin: California Mudslides Were God’s Punishment On Oprah For Attacking Trump

Last week, right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin appeared on the “TradCatKnight Radio” program, where she confidently declared that President Trump will not be assassinated because he is protected by God and that God will instantly punish anyone who dares to oppose His anointed. “Of course they are going to try [to assassinate him], but I do believe […]

Alex Jones Warns Americans From Evil Media That “Soon They Will Claim Trump Rapes And Eats Haitian Babies”

Alex Jones, the shock jock conspiracy theorist leader of Infowars, told listeners that the media fabricated reports that Trump made racist remarks about immigrants in order to distract from right-wing activist James O’Keefe’s latest video releases and predicted that the media would soon claim that Trump rapes and eats Haitian babies.. Today on “The Alex Jones Show,” Jones […]