Anti-LGBT Indiana Law – Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Bans City Workers From Taxpayer-Funded Travel

Photo Credit: Flicker

Indiana’s new religious freedom law has caused a lot of noise – Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is now vowing to issue an executive order to ban city workers from taxpayer-funded travel to the state. The reason for this is the fact that the law has potential for discrimination against gays and others.

Murray, who came out of the closet years ago, claims that the law is not representing Seattle residents’ values. He has also asked city departments to look for any business they might’ve been doing with Indiana-based companies. The law might allow businesses to discriminate certain residents (gays, for example), and that is the biggest problem with this law. Murray also believes that there is no place for discrimination in Seattle.

On the other hand, state lawmaker and Republican Gov. Mike Pence is defending the law by referring to Bill Clinton’s move in 1993, when he signed a similar legislation into law, and 19 states followed his decision with according policies. Although Pence and others claimed that the law wouldn’t affect the business, Pence refused to directly answer whether this law means that a merchant can legally refuse to serve a gay customer.

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), with headquarters in Indianapolis, also expressed concern about this law. They are mainly worried about the impact this law can have on their students (athletes) and employees. Besides the NCAA, which is planning to examine how the implementation of this law will affect their business, many others are also concerned about their future. Famous actors like George Takei and Ashton Kutcher also take part in the “against” team – they called for a boycott via Twitter.