Alex Jones: ‘’Trump Will Be A Political Devil Ready For Suicide.’’

Photo Credit: Youtube

The right wing radio talk show host, Alex Jones proclaimed that GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump was on a ‘’suicide mission’’ and that his presidency will have one of two effects; either make him “greater than George Washington” or “the devil incarnate.”

Known for his unfailing support for the Republican presidential effort, Jones hailed ‘’prophet’’ and  ‘’Renaissance man’’ Trump who he believes paved the way for members of the public who may not have the guts to take a stand against ‘’globalism.’’

Jones emphatically stated that, “globalism’s all about not letting any nation state be free or be powerful or be strong. It’s about lowering everyone down to a mud hut standard while the UN buildings sit there in high tech luxury and Obama says Africans can’t have cars or air conditioning but he lands in a huge jumbo jet on a red carpet.”

He turned to Trump and personally spoke of him saying, ‘’ You want luxury, you want freedom, you want innovation, but you also want others to have a chance to fight to get it. And if that’s what you stand for and what you really deliver, you’ll be greater than George Washington. If you are just an egomaniac as some say — I don’t think that’s true, I think you believe in a great dream of humanity, that’s why it looks like you’re arrogant, because you’re just confident — but if you are arrogant and if you don’t at least try to deliver on restoring our republic and restoring our prosperity and restoring an attempt to level the playing field, you will be the new symbol of the devil incarnate for generations to come because the wave you’re surfing, the wave you’re riding of populist, nationalistic vitriol that the media calls fascism will not be abated by you selling out.’’

He continued, “If you become the symbol of liberty and then betray it, you will be the symbol of a political devil,” addressing Trump. “You will be anathema, you will be pariah. The name ‘Trump’ will be reviled for centuries to come.”

In conclusion, Jones made reference to his eight year old daughter who supports Donald Trump and said, ‘’If you betray her, we’re gonna be hurt.’’