(WATCH) Mike Huckabee Unable To Remember Trump’s Pu*sy Grabbing Tape When He Attacks Weinstein:”I Can’t Recall”

Previous Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said on Sunday that he couldn’t review whether President Donald Trump conceded sexually ambushing ladies despite the fact that the now-president was gotten on a spilled Access Hollywood tape saying that he snatched ladies by the “by the p*ssy.”

While showing up on Fox and Friends, Huckabee impacted previous Democratic presidential chosen one Hillary Clinton for proposing that Russia helped Trump win the decision.

“There was likewise an awkward minute when she discussed President Trump, how he confessed to being sexual assaulter,” Fox News have Abby Huntsman said. “She was gotten some information about the [Harvey Weinstein rape allegations] and she said how her significant other has — what he did was previously. Anybody watching that, I believe, was a little squirmy in their seat.”

“Has President Trump at any point confessed to being a sexual assaulter?” Huntsman pondered.

“I don’t review that that is ever happened,” Huckabee said. “In any case, I do review that Bill Clinton lost his law permit. He was indicted. He conceded that he lied under promise and that there had been various ladies who have never been disproven to not be right about their affirmations with respect to him.”

The previous Arkansas representative said that he would not like to “uncover” earth on the Clintons “yet she keeps raising how unadulterated she and her significant other were.”

“I get the feeling that on the off chance that she had filled in as difficult to win the administration as she needed to clarify her misfortune in the administration, she may have won,” Huckabee jested.

Watch the video underneath from Fox News.