Rep. Heather Scott: “Women Can Only Get Promoted By Spreading Their Legs”

According to the Spokesman-Review, Idaho Rep. Heather Scott had all her committee assignments taken away on Thursday after suggesting that the only reason the female members of the Idaho House were able to get promoted was because they “spread their legs.”

The Idaho Statesman reported that Scott told Rep. Judy Boyle this after finding out she was appointed the new chair of the House Agriculture Committee.

Rep. Stephen Hargten said on Wednesday that “people get ahead here on the basis of merit, in my humble opinion. I’ve never seen anything that would cause me to question that premise.”

After hearing of Scott’s comment, several law makers claimed they were “pretty uncomfortable.”

Rep. Christy Perry said, “A number of the lady legislators are very upset about this. Not only this, but some of the other behavior.” Perry also described her comments as “inappropriate,” saying Boyle is “a very respected legislator here.”

Perry sent a letter to Speaker Scott Bedke claiming Scott “has displayed aggressive and anti-social behavior by sneering and glaring at members during meetings and passing in the halls.”

All of Scott’s committee assignments have been taken away from her, including Environment, Commerce, and State Affairs.