Phil Robertson Explains Existence Of God With Atheist’s Daughters Raping Example

Photo Credit: tasteofcountry

Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” has once again come between the crosshairs of people thanks to a speech he made on Friday at an annual prayer breakfast in Florida, about a hypothetical atheist family. While sharing his thoughts on those who do not believe in God, Roberson shared a graphic scenario.

He began with: “Two guys break into an atheist’s home.” He then continued: “The atheist has two little atheist daughters with his atheist wife. After they break into his home, the two guys gag him and tie him to a chair. Then they rape his two little atheist daughters in front of him, and shoot them in the head. And they take his wife and decapitate her in front of him as well. After all that, they look at him and go, ‘Isn’t it peachy that the two of us don’t have to worry about being judged? Isn’t it just great that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this? There’s just no wrong or right, is there, dude?’”

He followed up with: “Then you get yourself a nice, razor-sharp knife and cut off his manhood and hold it in front of him and say, ‘What do you think, wouldn’t it be great if there was something at all wrong with this? Except, you’re the one who says that God doesn’t exist, so we’re just having us some fun, there’s no wrong and there’s no right. We’re just sick in the head, the two of us, have a nice day.”

“If such a thing would happen to them, they would probably say something like, ‘There’s something about this whole thing that just doesn’t smell right,’” he concluded.

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