O’Malley To Follow Obama’s Footsteps, Battle Hillary For Dem. Candidateship

Photo Credit: Politico

“Our country needs new perspective and leadership from 2016”, said Martin O’Malley, former Maryland Gov. With this statement, he took a major shot at Hillary Clinton last week. The real question here is – can O’Malley really beat Hillary?

Judging by the Democrat’s comments on “This Week”, it’s highly possible that he is going to be Hillary’s opponent in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. Although he said that he still hasn’t decided whether to go for the Democratic nomination, all signs are showing that he will, so it’s just a matter of time.

O’Malley also took a chance and dug into the history books only to recall one specific moment – the moment when then-upstart Sen. Barack Obama challenged the unbeatable Clinton and won. “Hillary Clinton can be defeated”, he concluded.

A pro-Clinton group reacted to O’Malley’s statements on Sunday afternoon and said that Americans have seen how hard Hillary has worked her entire life just to earn her status as the Democratic front-runner.

At the moment, O’Malley is focused on inequality and wage stagnation – issues that have “Elizabeth Warren” written all over them.


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