NAACP Leader Outed As A White Woman After Claiming To Be A Victim Of Racist Crime


Rachel Dolezal, an African Studies professor at Eastern Washington University, is also Spokane’s NAACP Chapter President and chair of Spokane’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission. Dolezal’s world (and social media) was completely rocked on Friday after her shocking secret was exposed by local Washington media outlets. As it turns out, the light-skinned woman with kinky hair isn’t the black woman she’s been pretending to be for a decade – she is, in fact, a white woman.

Things hit the fan this week for the 37-year-old Civil Rights activist after she was blindsided by KXLY4’s reporter Jeff Humphrey. The reporter met with Dolezal to discuss the numerous hate crimes she claims to have been a victim of over the years, and somehow tricked her into addressing whether the black man she once posted on her Facebook was really her “dad” like she claimed he was.

Other media outlets did some digging and found out the man wasn’t her father, or even the step-father she told EWU’s student-run newspaper helped raise her. In actuality, he was someone Dolezal worked with during her time in Idaho. CDA press contacted her mother, Ruthanne, who confirmed Dolezal is white on both sides as her biological father Larry is also a white man.

Since she lied on her application to be chair of Spokane’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, the city of Spokane has now launched an investigation. On her application, Dolezal said she was “more mixed than cake batter,” checking off white, African-American and two more races. In actuality, she’s Czech, Swedish and German with “faint traces” of Native American heritage, too.

Dolezal claimed she was the victim of eight documented hate crimes in Idaho, but after doing their due diligence, KXLY found just three reports. And those three reports were closed by police due to “insufficient evidence.”

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