MSNBC Hosts Spit Fire At GOPer Claiming Ivanka Would Be ‘Great Senator’ Because ‘She’s Got The Full Package’

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) on Tuesday attempted to list the capabilities of Ivanka Trump after he broadcasted that she would make an awesome U.S. representative.

Amid a meeting on MSNBC, Zeldin affirmed that recently delegated White House Chief of State John Kelly would not reduce Ivanka Trump’s part in the organization.

“I’ve had a chance to invest some quality energy with Ivanka and a tiny bit of time with Jared [Kushner] too,” Zeldin clarified. “I am super awed with Ivanka Trump. She brings a huge measure of acumen and class. She thinks about specific issues — tyke mind charge credits, paid family take off.”

MSNBC have Stephanie Ruhle interfered: “Would i be able to simply say a certain something? As much as I value you discussing fine conduct and class. As an expert lady and a mother, it’s extreme for me to stomach somebody taking a gander at me and discussing the colossal class, when you have the most senior lady in the White House saying nothing when her dad says horrendous things in regards to a commentator.”

“That announcement is recently hard to swallow,” Ruhle said.

“Indeed, better believe it” Zeldin stammered. “Ivanka clearly cherishes her dad.”

“I cherish mine as well,” Ruhle shot back.

“Ivanka Trump, she is super brilliant,” Zeldin demanded. “She is exceptionally skilled in her own privilege. She could be an extraordinary United States representative.”

“What are her certifications?” Ruhle pondered.

“She has the full bundle,” the congressman proclaimed.

“What are her accreditations to be a United States representative?” Ruhle rehashed.

Zeldin stuck Ivanka Trump’s Senate capabilities to the way that she is a representative who needs bring down duties.

“She makes every last bit of her items abroad,” Ruhle watched.

Co-have Ali Velshi concurred: “She doesn’t make a solitary item in America. Does that not move you by any means?”

Zeldin then contended that the meeting was out of line.

“The greater part of the sudden, it’s one inquiry after another, attempting to motivate me to thrash on Ivanka Trump,” he fussed. “How is she met all requirements for United States congressperson? Making our assessment code more focused.”

“As a representative, she has a huge measure of involvement. As an awesome mother, as an incredible spouse,” Zeldin proceeded. “She has an awesome instruction. She has extraordinary thoughts on imperative issues that assistance families.”

Watch the video beneath.