Miley Cyrus Trolls Republican Senator Via Phone

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Sen. Tom Cotton is probably getting lots of phone calls since his office number was revealed on Twitter. Pop star Miley Cyrus unexpectedly weighed in on the debate over new state efforts aimed at protecting religious liberties and twitted the senator’s number to more than 19 million followers. “Let’s stir some sh*t up! Senator Cotton (202) 224-2353 !!!! Happy Hippies call & express why freedom is important to us & our country”, she twitted.

Cotton said that it’s important to have “perspective”, hinting to the Iran nuclear deal. “It’s important that we have a sense of perspective about our priorities. In Iran, they hang you for the crime of being gay”, he stated in an interview for CNN.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchison rejected the “religious freedom” measure passed by the state legislature. She thinks that it needs to be changed in order to be more similar with a federal law approved in 1993. This law was protecting citizens from other federal laws that could force them to violate their faith. The law was passed in Indiana, but needs to be tweaked in order to ensure that there will be no discrimination.

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