Melania Refuses To Touch her Husband For The Second Day In A Row

For the second day in a row, President Donald Trump tried to hold his wife’s hand but First Lady Melania Trump rejected his attempt once again on Tuesday.

The video showed the First Lady quickly pulling her hand away from Trump when he grabs for it as they exit Air Force One in Rome, which caused the Twitter universe to go crazy and point out how this is two days in a row where Melania refused to take the president’s hand.

While in Israel on Monday, Melania can be seen actually slapping her husband’s hand when he tried to hold her hand, while the next day she just yanked it away and pretended to fix her hair.

Here are some of the top Tweet’s about Melania’s latest rejection of the president:

She’s the Queen of Hand Shade

CUCKS ON A PLANE, a new action-comedy romp, now playing in theaters everywhere

Oops, she did it again.

Melania has unmistakably joined the Resistance

It’s possible Melania hates Donald more than America does