McKinney Mom From Pool Party Video Receives Death Threats


Speaking for the first time, hundreds of miles away from her North Texas home, Tracy Carver Allbritton gave her account of the June 5 incident at a McKinney pool that made international headlines. Surrounded by her lawyer, Gloria Allred and African-American friend of more than a decade, Aaron Clark, Tracy spoke about the afternoon she took her two children, grandchild and a visiting friend to the Craig Ranch North Community Pool, where she has lived for 11 years.

She says she noticed about an hour after she arrived at the pool, a BBQ with a DJ was being set up outside the pool gates. Within a half an hour, several of the party goers made their way into the pool area.

“By the time our security officer arrived for his scheduled shift, the pool had been overtaken by unruly teenagers and young adults,” said Tracy. She says many of them became upset when they were asked for key cards to prove their residency and complained it was because of the color of their skin. However, she said everyone at the pool, including herself, was asked to prove they lived in the community.

Tracy said she decided to leave the pool when she saw things were getting out of hand, and had a difficult time doing so. “People whom I did not know were shouting at us through the gate while we were trying to exit,” she recalls. “Once I was able to get out of the gate, a teen was screaming racist slurs at my visiting friend and me.”

She then explained her actions caught on the video that has now been viewed millions of times. “My friend’s hair was grabbed and she was pulled to the middle of the street. My kids were screaming and traumatized. I walked out to diffuse the fight and did just that. I did not beat anyone, nor did I use racial slurs of any kind.”

Tracy says when she made it to her car she was hit in the back by a frozen drink, which also splashed her 11-year-old. “Tracy has been in hiding ever since the incident because of death threats,” said her attorney Gloria Allred. Allred said the threats have been directed not only at Tracy but also toward her children. Even though the threats have been reported to McKinney Police, Tracy does not feel safe returning to her home at this time.

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