Islam Today: “147 Killed In Kenya, 270 Terrorists Released In Yemen, 1 Bad Deal Signed In Lausanne

Photo Credit: turningpointusa

Kenya is facing the highest death toll since the US Embassy bombing in 1998. Terrorists have killed 147 people in a massacre at a Kenyan University. The massacre lasted for hours, resulting in 147 deaths and 79 injured people. 587 people were evacuated on time. The Somalia-based Al-Shabaab militant group claims to be responsible for this terrible assault.

On the other hand, Al Qaeda fighters attacked a prison in Yemeni city and freed at least 270 prisoners. More than a third of them is directly connected with this organization. Khaled Batarfi is also among those 270 escapees. This is just another breakout in a series that have recently happened. Last month, hundreds of inmates escaped form Al Mansoorah Central Prison in Aden.

The Lausanne nuclear deal could end a 13-year nuclear standoff. Iran promised to make drastic cuts to its nuclear program in return for the gradual lifting of sanctions. The deal should be finalized at the end of June. Iran is going to face strong monitoring of its nuclear program in the future.

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