‘I Don’t Think It’s Important For Trump to Understand’ - The Look on Hallie Jackson’s Face Says it All

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) affirmed on Thursday that President Donald Trump does not comprehend the Senate’s human services charge.

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson noted amid a meeting with Cassidy that Trump as of late made proclamations to The New York Times that proposed that he was confounded about the nuts and bolts of human services enactment.

Trump told the Times:

So prior conditions are an intense arrangement. Since you are essentially saying from the minute the protection, you’re 21 years of age, you begin working and you’re paying $12 a year for protection, and when you’re 70, you get a decent arrangement. Here’s something where you stroll up and say, “I need my protection.” It’s an extremely intense arrangement, yet it is something that we’re making a decent showing with regards to of.

“The statement is a little confusing,” Jackson pointed out. “Does he get the intricacies of what you guys are discussing in the Senate?”

“First, I think the president is about broad principles,” Cassidy opined. “And how I receive his statement, obviously premiums are lower for those who are younger. And you have to have them lower because the person graduating from college doesn’t have very much money. And as we age, premiums will rise in price, but so does our need for insurance.”

Jackson interrupted: “So, in your conversations with him, do you think the president understands the political, the policy intricacies of this bill?”

“I don’t think it’s important for him to understand the policy intricacies of this bill,” Cassidy insisted. “What’s important for him is to understand the principle. His principle is there should be a replace associated with repeal. And during the campaign he consistently said he wanted to continue coverage for those who had, cover pre-existing conditions, eliminate mandates and lower premiums. Those are very good principles.”

Watch the video below from MSNBC: