Harry Reid: “We Should Give Iran A Nuclear Weapon Because Cheney Is Against It”

Photo Credit: Patdollard.com

Washington, D.C. – Harry Reid says Democrats have one reason to support the Iran Deal: Dick Cheney. In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, the Senate Democratic leader said no one with “any degree of intelligence” should agree with the former vice president, who strongly opposes the agreement.

“I’m sorry, I cannot hold back a smile,” Reid said just hours after Cheney delivered a stinging rebuke of the deal. “There are a lot of good reasons for this deal. But the best is that Cheney’s against it. I mean, think about this: The architect of the worst foreign policy decision in the history of America – to invade Iraq. Look what it has done. Why would anyone with any degree of intelligence agree with him?”

The historic nuclear accord is coming to a head this month as Republican leaders in Congress aim to block the deal. He’s working to secure enough Democratic votes to filibuster the GOP effort to scuttle the agreement. But in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute, Cheney tried to keep up the pressure, arguing the “agreement will give Iran the means to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S.” and calling the six-nation deal “madness.”

Reid said that such tough rhetoric will only help his cause. “The best reason to go along with what President Obama wants is the fact that Cheney doesn’t want it.” Reid and Cheney have a long history of trading barbs with one another – particularly over the war in Iraq and its aftermath. But Reid is now scrambling to lock down enough Democratic support to block a resolution of disapproval on the Iran agreement from landing on Obama’s desk.