Gorka: Clinton Campaign Sent Operatives to Ukraine Embassy to Influence Election

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, agent aide to President Trump, talked with Breitbart News Every day SiriusXM have Alex Marlow on Wednesday about the announcement of triumph over ISIS in Mosul, the endeavors of a few states to challenge Trump’s travel boycott regardless of a decision by the Incomparable Court, and also endeavors by Ukrainian authorities to help Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race.

With respect to most recent news of a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. also, a Russian legal counselor, Gorka stated, “We should contrast that with the DNC, to the Hillary crusade that really sends one of its agents to the Ukrainian international safe haven to gather oppo inquire about, to in reality gather it and afterward arranges with individuals from that remote government assaults on our battle.”

“So again,” proceeded with Gorka, “the news media would have you take a gander at something that doesn’t exist, while the real genuine news story is never given whenever on channels, for example, CNN.”