Friends Of The Earth Action Supports Sanders: “He Is A Bold And Fearless Voice For The Planet”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia CommonsPhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Sen. Bernie Sanders (l-Vt.) has received a presidential endorsement from an environmental group that supports his “bold ideas” on climate change. Friends of the Earth Action announced it is backing Sanders for president Saturday.

“He has proven himself a bold and fearless voice for the planet,” said Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica. “Sen. Sanders’ bold ideas and real solutions to addressing climate change, inequality and promoting a transformative economy that prioritizes public health and the environment over corporate profits, have earned him an enthusiastic endorsement from Friends of the Earth Action.”

The group said it would be actively promoting Sanders to its membership, as well as participating, with funds and otherwise, to promote him as the Democratic candidate in upcoming events. Sanders was joined by group officials in New Hampshire, where he touted the first major endorsement from an environmental group of the 2016 campaign. “I am very honored to receive the endorsement of one of the great environmental organizations not only in America but in the world,” he said in a statement.

The endorsement comes a few days after Hillary Clinton declined to answer whether she would approve the Keystone XL pipeline expansion, a major point of contention between environmental groups and the business community. She noted at an event in New Hampshire that environmental reviews of the project began while she was secretary of state, but said she was not going to “second-guess” President Obama, whose decision is still pending.

“If it is undecided when I become president, I will answer your question,” she added. Pica called Sanders a “vocal and visible leader” on environmental issues, including Keystone.

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