Ed Martin: “We’re Not Racist, We Just Hate Mexicans”

During a Tea Party for Trump assembly, former Missouri Republican Party director Ed Martin took the stage and encouraged the attendees by letting them know it’s okay to hate Mexicans because “Mexicans” is not even a race.

According to Riverfront Times writer Danny Wicentowski, the event, which was held at a Harley Davidson dealership in Festus, Missouri, was packed “some 200 patriots who really, really hate Hillary Clinton listened to a succession of speeches delivered by a string of local conservative luminaries who also really, really hate Hillary Clinton.”

Preceding the main speaker Jim Hoft, the conservative blogger The Gateway Pundit, Martin gave a speech which praised Trump for putting America ahead of Mexicans and that it was alright if didn’t like them.

“Donald Trump is for Americans first,” Martin said of the former reality star. “He’s for us first. It is not selfish to support, or to be for, your neighbor, as opposed to someone from another nation. And Mexico, Mexicans, that’s not a race. You’re not racist if you don’t like Mexicans. They’re from a nation.”

He also used the same argument to support Trump’s ban on Muslim immigrants.

“If you don’t think Muslims are vetted enough because they blow things up, that’s not racist,” Martin said. “There’s white Muslims, black Muslims, green Muslims. This is not racism.”

After his racist rant, Martin tried to backtrack on his comments through a statement published by the St. Louis Dispatch newspaper claiming that when he said “Mexicans” he really meant “illegal immigrants.”