Donald Trump: ‘’Transgenders Are Very, Very Small Group, But I Don’t Know What The Right Thing To Do Is.’’

Photo Credit: Flickr

In what turned out to be a rather lackluster interview, Jimmy Kimmel went all out on Donald Trump, as he pressed for the likely GOP elect’s stance regarding the contentious trans bathroom law. As may be expected during a Trump interview, Kimmel didn’t really make much headway.

Initially, the billionaire politician had promised to throw his weight behind transgender individuals and their right to use the bathroom that they best identified with. Caitlyn Jenner even famously paid a courtesy call at the Trump Tower, using the ladies’ restroom while in New York recently. Trump however, flipped on his own standpoint, asserting that the responsibility lay with the various states to figure out the way in which they would observe transsexual rights.

Appearing on the ‘’Jimmy Kimmel Live!’’ show on Wednesday, Trump seemed a bit dazed and unaware of which side to take on the matter. Upon Kimmel pointing out that the presidential hopeful’s earlier position flew in the face of general Republican consensus, the politician resorted to unclear rhetoric masked with obscure opinions. This served to paint a picture of a rather disconnected Trump.

“What really I’m saying is — and I think it’s pretty simple — let the states decide,” Trump started. “And, you know, we have to protect everybody. It’s a very, very small group. Right now, it’s a very small group. Perhaps it’s getting larger.”

He went on to add that, the general majority of the GOP “generally believes that whatever you’re born, that’s the bathroom you use.” Kimmel saw another opportunity to grill the politician further.

On further inquiry, Trump responded, “Me? I say let the states decide.’’ Unsatisfied with the generality of the answer, Kimmel did not relent, continuing, “Do you personally support it?” adding, “I think you do.”

“What I support is let the states decide and I think the states will do, hopefully, the right thing,” Trump asserted. As a follow up, Kimmel then asked what ‘’the right thing’’ would be, to which Trump answered, ‘’Honestly, I don’t know.’’