Clayton Morris: “Captain America Can’t Be A Democratic Hero, Should Punch Hitler In The Face”

Photo Credit: Flicker


You’d think that Captain America and Fox News would be a match made in heaven. For one, they both wear their love of all things U.S.A. right on their sleeves. But now “Fox & Friends” is angry that the latest iteration of the comic book hero appears to be “going up against conservatives,” as comic “expert” and Fox News correspondent Clayton Morris claimed in a weekend segment.

Co-host Tucker Carlson expressed frustration that the latest enemy of the Sam Wilson Captain America — who was introduced on “The Colbert Report” in June 2014 — is just “an American who has misgivings upon unlimited illegal immigration and the costs associated with it.” Carlson continued, “That, according to the comic book, is evil.”

Heather Childers, another co-host, chimed in that Marvel should do a comic book on the opposite of this premise, with a story on “the people who are working the border to keep us safe.” She later added, “Keep politics out of comic books, that’s what I say.” Perhaps the best quote came from the “expert” Morris, when he lamented about the times “back in the day” when “Captain America used to be punching Hitler in the face.”