Carlson: “Obama Is The Most Racial President That We Had; He Is Pointing Out Our Godly White Privileges”

Photo Credit: Flicker

The subject of LGBT rights and privileges has been in focus quite a lot in the current presidential campaign. The press has taken the cause of this marginalized group and following in this fashion, Tucker Carlson of Fox News took a seat with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to discuss these and other issues.

“Anyone who alleges the white privilege is, by definition, a racist,” Carlson pointed out. “I think we can say that and we should say that. That’s not a legitimate form of conversation. That’s tarring an entire group based on the way they look. That’s the definition of racism and I think people should stand up and say that because it’s true.”

Carlson went to great pains to denounce Hillary Clinton’s appeal to permit illegal immigrants to access medical insurance subscriptions, albeit unsubsidized, through the facilitation of Obamacare exchanges. This, Carlson stated, goes to show that the president had not been completely honest when he declared that immigrants who had no proper documentation would not qualify to take part in the marketplace. Ironically, Carlson’s point is actually rendered moot, considering that Clinton is looking to reverse the existing policy.

Regardless, Carlson went on to declare that Rep. Joe Wilson, who yelled ‘’you lie’’ to President’s Obama’s face after he spoke about the topic in Congress, had every right to do so. “Joe Wilson was right,” Carlson opined. “They did lie, they’ve pulled off the masking and they’re admitting that they want to give federal benefits to [unlawful immigrants].” Jones then insisted that the health care law instituted “death panels.”

He pointed out that it was hilarious that conservatives of his caliber had actually supported Obama hoping to foster racial unity, however “he has been the most racially, explicitly and intentionally, racially divisive president that we’ve ever had by a factor of I don’t know how much.”

Talking about LGBT issues, Carlson was quick to lambast left wingers for backing transsexuals’ rights and accommodating, “anything that is perverse or unattractive or unhealthy or mean or against normal people.” Just as the conversation was taking a turn for the worst in terms of vulgarity, the connection with Carlson over Skype was disconnected.