Black Family In Danger Of Losing Daughter Amid Accusations Of Child Abuse


A black man who lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland has been falsely accused of child abuse. Reynold O’Brien Gibbs was criminally charged with child abuse after a misguided medical expert reported Gibbs to Child Protective Services. Dr. Tanya Hinds has a record of falsely identifying child abuse while working at the Children’s National Center in Washington, D.C.

Gibbs took his infant daughter to the hospital after being concerned that he was unable to help his child. Upon receiving a recommendation from the local hospital, Gibbs and his wife decided to allow the child to be flown to a hospital in Washington, D.C. for the purposes of further evaluation. While at the D.C. hospital, Gibbs was falsely accused of child abuse by Dr. Hinds.

According to a source among the hospital staff, the child may suffer from a genetic bone disease that the mother also suffers from. However, the court has made a decision not to allow the child to see an outside bone specialist and continues to base its work on the assessment made by Dr. Hinds.

Tanya Hinds is a cardiologist and the CEO of a company that stands to gain direct financial benefit if Gibbs is found guilty on the charges of child abuse. Additionally, Mr. Gibbs is also a well-spoken and rather large black man in a town that happens to be predominantly white. He and his wife have the full support of their church community.

Their community is outraged by the events that have taken place, as well as by the refusal of the court to allow the child to be seen by a bone specialist. There is also no appropriate medical expert testimony allowed in the court room. The child faces the risk of further harm if not examined by a medical doctor who specializes in EDS, and the family could lose their child in mid-June. ABC and NBC News in Washington D.C. have offered to revisit their initial breaking story, but have yet to contact the family.