Benghazi Panel Believes Clinton Deleted Her Emails On Purpose

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

For the past few days there have been speculations that someone might ask Hillary Clinton to relinquish her server, since she admitted to using a private email account and a personal server while secretary. She claimed that her server would remain private, although lawmakers requested access to it, just to be sure that she has turned over all official emails.

Rep. Trey Gowdy sent a letter to Clinton’s attorney where he said that the server should be relinquished to an independent third-party for review. This letter was released on Friday.

Gowdy thinks that it is very important for a third party to look over the contents, just to make sure any public documents are released. His letter indicates that Hillary may turn her server over to the State Department inspector general for review.

Gowdy asked for a response (until April 3). He admitted to being very worried about Clinton using her personal email to conduct business from 2009 and 2013. This means that it is possible that the official Benghazi investigation hasn’t received all information gathered from communication between Clinton and other government officials at the time.

But, on the other side, her office claims that she has deleted only her personal emails, and that all her work-related emails are saved and already turned over (more than 30000 emails). The media asked for their publicity.

Besides the letter, Gowdy wrote a statement in which he shared his doubts about this situation. He said that an independent analysis of Clinton’s private server would remove any guessing and solve all doubts many are having these days.

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