Ana Navarro: It’s Impossible To Force Trump To Face His Accusers Because ‘We’d Need A Stadium’ To Fit Them All

Republican strategist Ana Navarro went on CNN Monday to criticize President Donald Trump for all the inconvenience he is having with Stormy Daniels, the porno star who is giving Trump’s legal advisors numerous migraines with her dangers to give everything away about their charged undertaking.

Specifically, Navarro noticed the incongruity in Trump’s lawyer consenting to a nondisclosure arrangement with Daniels in October 2016 — which was the correct minute when Trump was attempting to freely mortify Democratic adversary Hillary Clinton by raising every one of the ladies who have blamed her significant other for sexual offense.

“Only a couple of days prior, there had been a level headed discussion with Donald Trump schlepping Bill Clinton’s informers keeping in mind the end goal to make his better half, who was his rival, awkward,” Navarro said. “Do you comprehend the false reverence of that? That is to say, truly.”

Navarro at that point envisioned what might have happened if the Democrats in 2020 chose to pull a similar trap on Trump.

“Now, in the event that we would have an open deliberation where we appeared with Donald Trump’s informers and every one of the general population who have said they illicit relationships with him, we’d require a stadium keeping in mind the end goal to fit them,” she said.

Watch the video underneath.