Wolf Blitzer:”All 52 GOP Senators Refusing Interviews About Trump-North Korea Threats”

CNN have Wolf Blitzer uncovered on Monday that every one of the 52 of the Republican individuals from the U.S. Senate had declined to show up on his show in the midst of President Donald Trump’s Twitter war with Sen. Bounce Corker (R-TN) and rising strains with North Korea.

Corker irritated Trump this week in the wake of calling the White House a “grown-up day mind focus” and cautioning that the president was pushing the U.S. nearer to World War III as a result of his talk against North Korea.

“We connected with every one of the 52 Republican representatives here in Washington to show up on the present program,” Blitzer clarified. “I got no takers. In any event, not yet. The greater part of the workplaces said the congresspersons were either not accessible or they didn’t react to our demand.”

Watch the video cut beneath: