White House Illegally Turned Off Recording During Trump-Putin Bro Conversation

According to the vice president of the American Foreign Policy think tank, Ilan Berman, when President Donald Trump talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the White House turned off all its recording equipment.

The Kremlin, on the other hand, published a readout of the phone conversation on Saturday, implying that the Putin was happy with Trump’s tone.

“During the conversation, both sides expressed their readiness to make active joint efforts to stabilise and develop Russia-US cooperation on a constructive, equitable and mutually beneficial basis,” the Kremlin statement said.

Unlike the Kremlin’s detailed 10-paragraph readout of the conversation, the White House put out a one-paragraph statement saying the president received a “congratulatory call from Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

According to Turkish journalist Ilhan Tanir,  Berman told a forum on Russian-Turkish relations that the White House couldn’t give any more details about the conversation between the two presidents because the staff had stopped the recording equipment.