Watch Kellyanne Conway Use Visual Aids to Explain Why There’s no Trump-Russia Collusion

In a meeting with Sean Hannity on Wednesday, instructor to the president Kellyanne Conway brought along some vital visual assistants to “help every one of the general population at home” dismember what’s truly going ahead with Donald Trump and the Russian government.

To recap: On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. discharged a progression of messages (around June 2016) that demonstrated he energetically acknowledged a meeting with a Russian emissary in the wake of being guaranteed data inconvenient to then-Vote based competitor Hillary Clinton.

On the off chance that Trump Jr’s. rendition of the occasions are to be thought, nothing happened to that meeting, and the president’s eldest child was in truth lovely freeloaded that his loathsome trade with a Russian legal counselor yielded nothing of substance for the crusade.

Examiners are currently testing that party—which was likewise gone to by Trump’s previous battle director Paul Manafort and best Trump counselor/most loved child Jared Kushner—as a feature of the progressing examination concerning conceivable plot between the Trump crusade and Russian agents planning to affect the 2016 decision.

Presently, the intricate details of Trump partners’ different associations with Russia make even an exceedingly drew in political onlooker’s head turn. Which is probably why Conway brought along her supportive props to clarify why—in spite of all proof despite what might be expected—the main “conclusion” one can reach is not “arrangement” but rather “figment and hallucination.”

Watch the video for yourself: