(VIDEO) National Security Expert rips Trump Team’s

Previous Republican congressman and resigned FBI specialist Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) told CNN on Saturday that he’s profoundly incredulous of President Donald Trump and his organization’s barrier of a June 9 meeting with Kremlin-adjusted legal advisor Natalia Veselnitskaya and a Russian-conceived lobbyist.

Trump’s surrogates have taken to the line of barrier that political resistance look into is a typical thing that all battles do.

“We should not normalize this,” Rogers told CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield. Russia is “a hostile intelligence service to the United States. Most people know that. If the Russian government calls and says, ‘Hey, we have information on your opponent,’ the first reaction should not be and we should not normalize this behavior. Opposition research is a real thing and it happens in politics every day.”

However, he said, “this is very different and we should not normalize it.”

Cabrera asked if the Trump family’s relative inexperience in politics and naïvete should be considered when examining their handling of the Russian contact.

“Listen, I don’t buy that argument as a former FBI agent. i’m not buying it. if you’ve been in the business world and you understand how all that works, a foreign government contacts you and says I have information, that should have sent up a red flag all day long.”

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