(VIDEO) CNN’s Lemon Opens Show With Brutal Attack on Trump

CNN’s Wear Lemon on Tuesday issued an energetic supplication to watchers, asking “everyone at home,” why anybody ought to trust Donald Trump Jr’s. most recent guard of his surreptitious meeting with a Russian emissary.

Responding to Trump Jr’s. email spill, and also his most recent barrier that he thought his meeting with a Russian legal advisor to get implicating data on Hillary Clinton was legislative issues of course, Lemon tended to his gathering of people straightforwardly, clarifying, “you need to concede the incongruity of everything.”

“Here we are talking about emails, not hers, but his—Donald Trump, not senior, but junior,” Lemon said. “Emails showing that people close to this president were ready and willing to work with the Russians to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump. How can I say that? Because here are the emails, they say as much. It’s titled, ‘Russia Clinton private and confidential.’”

“Not convinced?” Lemon asked, explaining the relationship between Trump Jr. and the man who set up the meeting, Rob Goldstone, Goldstone’s client, Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“It doesn’t get any plainer than that,” Lemon said. “Or does it?” he asked, noting that the email sent from Goldstone to Trump Jr. details “very high-level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

Lemon at that point played a clasp of Trump Jr’s. meet with Sean Hannity, where the president’s eldest child demanded he didn’t educate his dad regarding the meeting—one gone to by Trump Jr., previous Trump crusade director Paul Manafort and Trump’s child in-law Jared Kushner.

“Let me ask everybody at home this,” Lemon continued. “Why should you, why should any of us, believe that? This interview is like, I think his fifth attempt to defend the indefensible.”

“Don Jr. is the latest person in the president’s orbit to mislead you, the American people, about their contacts with Russia,” Lemon said listing off former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and “now the closest yet, his namesake, Donald Trump Jr.”

“No one knows exactly where this investigation is going to end up, what it’s going to uncover,” Lemon continued. “The president and his supporters have said time and time again that this is fake news! It’s a witch hunt! Please—it’s time to end that garbage.”

“Read the emails and ask yourself,” Lemon implored. “Who do you believe? The people who have misled you over and over and over? Or do you believe your own lying eyes?”

Watch the video below, via CNN: