Trump’s Cabinet Has Weekly Bible Study With Anti-Gay Pastor Who Claims That “Catholicism Is The World’s Largest False Religion”


A far right-wing pastor, who has dedicated his life to “making disciples of Christ in the Capitol,” leads a weekly Bible study with Cabinet members of President Donald Trump’s White House.

According to, every Wednesday morning, Energy Secretary and former Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry participates in a Bible study that meets in the Department of Health and Human Services.

A copy of Perry’s schedule shows him attending the meetings, but doesn’t say who else attends. If you go Pastor Ralph Drollinger’s website Capitol Ministries, however, it claims that the Christian pastor holds the weekly Bible Study with Trump Cabinet officials.’s Brendan O’Connor reports that Drollinger was “(a) former college basketball star turned evangelical Christian whose own church disavowed him over his bigotry and radical theology.”

According to O’Connor, the pastor “has variously proclaimed that Catholicism is ‘the world’s largest false religion,’ that female legislators who continue working after having children are sinners, and that homosexuality is an ‘abomination.’ He has also written that social welfare programs are un-Christian. ‘It is safe to say that God is a Capitalist,’ Drollinger once wrote, ‘not a Communist.’”

Drollinger is a known supporter of ultraconservative Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions, who he has said, “hungers and thirsts for the Scripture.”

“I’ve had the distinct honor of teaching him on this subject, and many others,” Drollinger said. “There’s nothing more exciting, when you’re a Bible teacher, to see one of the guys you’re working with — to see him or her articulate something you’ve taught them when they’re under the gun.”