Trump Threatens To Cancel UK Visit If He Does Not Get To Ride In The Golden Carriage With The Queen

Photo Credit: Flicker


President Trump is already creating a stir over security issues for his planned visit to meet the Queen of England by insisting that he ride in her golden carriage.

Times of London reports Trump’s administration has told Buckingham Palace that the president is very keen on being part of a horse and carriage procession up the Mall when he comes to visit in October.

British security services are seeing this as a “monster” problem in terms of trying to keep the U.S. president safe.

The London Metropolitan Police have already started making the necessary plans as they expect tens of thousands of protesters to attend the procession. They would like Trump to use the same bullet and bomb-proof vehicle that former President Barack Obama used when he visited.

“The vehicle which carries the president of the United States is a spectacular vehicle. It is designed to withstand a massive attack like a low-level rocket grenade,” a police source said. “If he’s in that vehicle he is incredibly well protected and on top of that it can travel at enormous speed. If he is in a golden coach being dragged up the Mall by a couple of horses, the risk factor is dramatically increased.”

“There may well be protections in that coach such as bulletproof glass, but they are limited. In particular it is very flimsy,” the source continued. “It would not be able to put up much resistance in the face of a rocket propelled grenade or high-powered ammunition. Armour-piercing rounds would make a very bad show of things.”