Trump Planning To Re-Hire Flynn Because he’s Been “Cleared By The FBI”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Although more and more damning evidence about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn seems to come out every day, President Donald Trump still wants him to work in the White House/

According to the Daily Beast, a White House source claims that the president has “expressed his hopes that a resolution of the FBI’s investigation in Flynn’s favor might allow Flynn to rejoin the White House in some capacity.” Trump had been told by many of his advisors however that having Flynn back in any position would look very bad.

“Trump feels really, really, really, bad about firing him, and he genuinely thinks if the investigation is over Flynn can come back,” one White House official said.

Flynn was fired by Trump after uncovered that the former National Security Advisor lied to Vice President Mike Pence, both privately and publicly, about his connections with the Russian officials. Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned Trump about Flynn but still didn’t act until over two weeks later when the Washington Post reported about his communications with the Russians.

It has since been discovered that Flynn was under investigation for receiving money from the Turkish government when he took over the position on national security advisor. Trump’s transition team was informed of the investigation and offered Flynn the job anyway.