Trump Family Developed New Project In Philippines Just Before The “Warm” And “Very Friendly” Phone Conversation Between Trump And Duterte

It seems that President Donald Trump’s sudden White House invitation to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has caused many to people to become suspicious.

Members of both the National Security Council and the State Department were caught off guard when Trump invited Duterte during a “warm” and “very friendly” phone call. The Philippine president has started a “war on drugs” that left thousands dead.

Although the invitation surprised many people, it’s possible that Trump’s friendliness toward Duterte may have something to do with the new Trump-branded residential development soon to open in Manila.

The president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, appeared on several promotional materials including a large billboard which advertised the Trump Century Tower, which is currently showing apartments that star at $160,000.

According to the Trump Organization, the billboard was removed years ago, even though the development is almost complete.

Trump Organization and Century Properties have teamed up to develop the $150 million tower. Jose Antonio, who founded Century Properties, is was also tapped by Duterte as the country’s special envoy for business and trade to the U.S.

“Trump has been a very positive experience,” said Robbie Antonio, Jose’s son and business partner.

Trump agreed to use his name on the Manila project for an up-front multimillion dollar payment and 25% of the developer’s revenue.

This deal could be a violation of the Emoluments Clause, which bans office holders form receiving gifts or money from foreign states.