Trump Calls On Women Nationwide To Boycott Nordstrom

Photo Credit: Flicker


Nordstrom’s has seen tremendous backlash after announcing that their retail stores will no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, causing women nationwide to cut up their Nordstrom’s cards and boycott the retail department store.

According to Norstrom’s, the reason they are discontinuing the Trump brand is because sales have not being doing very well, but according to an industry insider, that’s a lie. One of the main reasons many of Nordstrom’s customers are upset is because of this false statement. Many long time shoppers are furious and insist that they will no longer shop at the retail department store.

“We’ve said all along we make buying decisions based on performance,” Nordstrom’s press spokesperson said last week. “In this case, based on the brand’s performance, we’ve decided not to buy it for this season.”

“If people don’t buy it, we won’t sell it.” Nordstrom’s statement went on to state, “We strive to be agnostic about politics and to treat all our customers with respect.”

The truth is, Ivanka Trump’s fashion line was doing fine, but Nordstrom’s faced political backlash from hardcore anti-Trump activists, according to People Magazine.

“The luxury retailer, which has faced calls for months from the #grabyourwallet movement to drop Ivanka merchandise, said that Nordstrom switches out about 10 percent of its assortment each year to refresh it as a matter of course in running its business, culling lines that aren’t selling well enough,” People’s Stephanie Petit wrote.

According to an industry insider who is very familiar with Nordsrom’s insists that claims about the fashion line not selling well is not true:

This is a classic example of a retailer making a decision based on their fear of standing up to political pressure – even on a limited scale. It was clear from their actions since last fall that Nordstrom would prefer to sell out to loud liberal groups who weren’t even regular Nordstrom consumers, just to avoid controversy. It’s sort of amazing that a store which relies on women around the country would fold so quickly to a group with limited reach just to avoid controversy. You would think that Nordstrom would want to stand up for a well known women’s brand whose namesake is a role model for women entrepreneurs, who has consistently supported women’s issues, and represents all of the strength and conviction which women around the country admire. Insiders know how stores can easily play games with placement of merchandise and other ways to lower numbers, and its very possible Nordstrom did that here to cover themselves. It’s amazing that Nordstrom wouldn’t have learned the lesson to be more focused on the entire country and not a limited group of complainers.